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Guest list

Dear guest,

To ensure that your check-in runs smoothly, we ask you to complete this digital guest list prior to your arrival at De Bonte Wever. This list should be returned to us completed as soon as possible before your arrival to ensure a smooth check-in. Please indicate on the guest list which guests are staying together in the room. Using the plus sign, you can add more lines/people.

  • DD dash MM dash JJJJ
  • DD dash MM dash JJJJ
  • DD dash MM dash JJJJ
  • Room layoutFirst and last name guestDate of birthPostal codeHouse numberPhone numberE-mail address 
    Indicate by means of your own numbering in the 'room layout' box who is staying with whom in the hotel room.

Naturally, we handle your data with extreme care. You can read the full privacy statement here.

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